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BRITT, 2009


BRITT 2011: This picture was taken at the one and only Austin Speed Shop- the old stomping ground/practice space of the Texas Rollergirls’ Hustlers. We’ve since moved to a city park space, which I think is an interesting analogy for the transition of the derby culture as a whole- and in my life specifically. I think I speak about it a bit in the interview, but my initial attraction to derby had a lot to do with it as an emerging subculture, one alligned with queer feminist politics & a sort of southern punk rock/rockabilly aesthetic. At least those are the communities that courted my initial introduction to that world. While there is certainly still a relationship & overlap between the derby culture & these subcultures, there has been a palpable shift toward the athletic mainstream over the past couple years- particularly within the more competitive leagues around the country & world. It’s been a really interesting trajectory for me to be a part of. My passion for the community hasn’t lost ignition- but it definitely feeds off of different sources now. As I write this my travel team, the Texecutioners, are preparing for a tournament in San Francisco this weekend. I am incredibly excited for the collision of highly competitive nationally ranked derby and a host city/league known for actively keeping the old-school derby culture alive, queer, and kicking.

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