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Isaac 2011: David and I were both in undergraduate programs at this time, often commuting back and forth between Detroit and Albion, Michigan where he was attending school. This was my first apartment that I shared with our close friend Lauren. All three of us were seeking space from our familial homes, a place to drink and smoke and have gay sex. The apartment was small and in one of the few trafficked areas of Detroit’s Midtown area. Despite the messiness of being young and living on our own for the fist time, all three of us had lots of fun trying to create a space for ourselves and the two cats we adopted, Grace and Olive.

David 2011: Looking back at this picture always brings up weird feelings of nostalgia. We were both really young and had been together for (maybe) a year. I think Isaac had just turned 19 and I was 21. I was on the heels of receiving my Women’s Studies degree from Albion College, going to Detroit to stay with Isaac and Lauren (almost) every weekend. There was literally nothing more exciting for me, at that time, than getting away from Albion, Michigan and avoiding my thesis so that I could drink J. Roget and watch teenage rom-coms in that apartment. We still have that decoupage cat table (thank Goddess!)