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HANNA, 2009


HANNA 2012: This is a photo of an in-between moment. Spring of my junior year of high school, fifteen years old. Far away from childhood and yet very much still a minor. I am proud of the person in this photo who worked so hard to get there, wherever “there” was. I still remember how heavy that ever-present bag was, and I can’t have slept more than 3 hours the night this was taken.

Maybe growing, 18 years and trying not to count, is about honoring all the selves that I’ve been. I don’t remember where I thought I was going at the time of this photo, but having moved out, learned how to cook, found a smaller bag, and started sleeping more often, I feel like I’m closer to a multitude of long pursued ideals. This photo reminds me to be grateful to myself for getting through, and to have deep appreciation for all the friends, mentors, loves, and communities who helped make it happen.