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Jentlemen of Distinction, 2009


PRINCETON 2011: “The Brotherhood” STRENGTH @ IT’S BEST. I have 2 say that these guys help complete me, even beyond the entertainment realm.  This picture is great, it reminds me of one of the many times that we spent quality time.

DUSTY 2011: Chillin and flexin’ as Jentlemen O.D. (Jentlemen of Distinction)…sexy as they come.  I can’t find all the right words to tell u how my heart feels when I work with these guys, it’s not in words, we act (lol). It’s an honor and privilege and I look forward to the times we can share together either on stage or off. Some, well ok, 1 of us is old, yes I’m the oldest of the group.  I just thank the good Lord, because without him I would be nothing and he gives me the strength to go on and on and on. Being a Jentlemen is about hard work, dedication and being a family. These are my “BROTHERS,” no matter what…. I am PROUD to be a Jentlemen. I hold my head up high and proud!”

DAMIEN 2011: The Real Kings Of The STL!

(left to right:  Princeton, Dusty & Damien)