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RUDY 2008: My name is Rudy Bleu.  I am a fat queer Mexican loudmouth.  I grew up a strict catholic and rebelled in my teen years through riot grrrl, gueer core & sex.  Activism came naturally to me, be it through zines, performing, or curating events.  To this day & in the future I will always have something to say about being a fat queer Mexican.

GRAHAM 2008: My name is Graham Kolbeins. I am a 20-year old photographer, writer, blogger and aspiring filmmaker. I realized I was gay at the age of 10, doing comparative Yahoo searches for naked men and women. Most mainstream gay pop culture feels silly, formulaic and alienating to me. I think that we’re moving towards a place where gay-ness and straightness are much less important aspects of cultural identity…or at least that those two binaries will be viewed with proper respect to their true complexities and incredible varied definitions.