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SAM AND JERRY 2008: Jerry and Sam, two guys from different worlds.  Sam, 21 is a gammer and gothic and Jerry 37 is preppy and a bouncer.  How do two worlds come together as one?  First of all LOVE, a lot of patience and sacrifices.  We met on Myspace.  My friends said ‘wow’ he is too gothic (except for “Ducky” one of my best friends she’s gothic) and they told me it wouldn’t last, that he’s so different from  me.  His friends said I was way too preppy for him, (especially Nixx, his best friend) and they said the same thing.  It wouldn’t last.  But here we are 2 1/2 years later and still together.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s wild but a lot of fun.  We’re getting married on May 9th 2009.  To sum it up, WE LOVE EACH OTHER and no looks or ways of life can change that and we’re really happy.  Love, Sam & Jerry.