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STELLA 2012: Basically, when this photo was taken, me and Sterling had recently broken up.  Well, of course, that’s what gives this photo such a strange undertone.  I look angry.  Well, my choice in eyebrows doesn’t help the situation.  Our mattresses had been pushed apart prior to the photo I believe.  That was a big deal.  I was waiting to hear back about a new apartment and we were awkwardly living together after the break up in a one bedroom.  And then the “happy valentines day” box, pinned above our beds.  It looks so empty and lonely up there.   I remember being excited to be featured in your project and I’m still glad I did it but I also remember thinking we were fooling everyone that we were still together in the photo that so many people who didn’t know us at all would be viewing.  Looking back at it years later, I see we weren’t fooling anyone.  Though it was an uncomfortable time in my life, I’m happy that you were able to capture the situation so perfectly.